Amid the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak that is impacting global populations, supply chain management focused technology and services providers have no choice but to turn to online channels to conduct customer conferences and continue to perform product marketing.  Supply Chain Matters blog

In the midst of this need, the Supply Chain Matters blog is introducing an attractively priced bundled service to help businesses to both promote upcoming events before they occur, and later summarize key messages and important takeaways from these events after they occur.

Our service bundle includes the appearance of the conference logo on our blog sponsorship panel for up to 6 weeks prior to the event, that will include a sponsor designated embedded web link to the particular dedicated conference page, accompanied by two Supply Chain Matters promotional blogs. After the conference is completed, we will further publish a blog summarizing the event’s key messages and takeaways, authored by Executive Editor Bob Ferrari.  All blogs will be promoted on our social media channels.

For further information including our promotional pricing, please provide your contact information on contact page and indicate in the Comments section- Conference Promo Package. We will promptly follow up with added details.


Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor

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