The New York Times Money Issue recently featured a profile of the Airbus factory in Mobile Alabama, complete with some stunning photo and video images produced with Samsung technology.

This profile provides evidence of Airbus’s extended global value-chain along with the overall logistics and transportation required to supply the relatively new U.S. aircraft assembly plant. As an example, completed major Airbus A321 aircraft components are loaded on a ship for transit to the Port of Mobile.

The profile provides other important observations, namely:

  • Airbus saves little money by assembling commercial aircraft in the U.S.- the move is more about competing in large markets where the planes are sold and in the notion of demonstrating to the U.S. government a commitment to the economy.
  • Lower wage rates across the Southern U.S. helped in the decision to source the plant in Alabama.
  • Airbus reportedly secured $158 million in state and local incentive benefits regarding the U.S. commercial aircraft facility including publicly funded training of factory workers.
  • Upwards of 20 Airbus suppliers have reportedly opened offices near the Alabama facility.

We highlight this interesting profile for the benefit and enjoyment of our Supply Chain Matters readers.