Last week, APICS made a noteworthy announcement regarding The Supply Chain Operations Reference Model-SCOR, which we wanted to highlight for our Supply Chain Matters readers.

The supply chain educational and performance improvement organization indicates that SCOR Release 12 is currently under development by a committee of global supply chain practitioner experts and is expected to be released in the Fall, most likely in conjunction with the APICS Annual Conference. We call reader attention to the release because of the new topical areas being planned for inclusion in the new iteration, along with an increased effort to make this framework even more amendable to machine-readable language that can be leveraged for supply chain focused Cloud-based advanced analytics purposes.  APICS- professional association for supply chain and operations management

From our lens, the planned SCOR Release 12 is a definitive acknowledgement that industry supply chain business process and advanced technology needs are rapidly changing, and manufacturers and services providers who have currently adopted tenets of SCOR need to incorporate such new factors into their performance frameworks and metrics.

APICS indicates that a SCOR job task analysis survey completed by over 1600 supply chain professionals validated the increasing importance for:

  • Sourcing and procurement processes for the SCOR framework
  • Metadata, digitization, omni-channel, and supply chain maturity model
  • Data analytics, data acquisition, data science, and predictive analysis as staff skills related to organizational supply chain initiatives
  • Continuing education and improvement of supply chain manager skills and abilities

In addition to these added context areas, ongoing APICS Special Focus Forums are addressing unique performance framework needs in areas such as humanitarian supply chains and new iterations of integrated of integrated business planning. Documentation efforts from these forums call for periodic updates to the digital library that APICS members have access to.

A further area addressed by a specific forum are opportunities to make SCOR more of a fabric in IT-centric supply chain analytics, dashboarding and overall integrated decision-support capabilities. Currently available is the software- SCOR Business Process Management Accelerator powered by Software AG’s ARIS tool. The tool itself can be extended via an open API to other Cloud-based ERP or specialty supply chain management applications, allowing analytics data to reference existing SCOR metrics. APICS further indicates a willingness to work with added software providers on other analytics and decision-support needs that seek to leverage existing SCOR performance or metrics relationship data. By our way of thinking, there is added opportunity down the road for the ability to incorporate artificial intelligence or machine learning techniques with SCOR frameworks for more predictive factors of supply chain performance.

Supply Chain Matters applauds the recognition of all the above as emerging drivers of supply chain success and of areas that can truly continue to benefit from a common supply chain reference model.

A final note relates to the need for augmented SCOR training, considering the addition of the above timely topics.  A recent conversation with Peter Bolstorff, APICS Executive Vice President, Corporate Development acknowledged the need for stepped-up training, given the added content areas with SCOR-12. The organization is currently working on stepped-up plans for SCOR training, in addition to current company hosted and public training activities. We anticipate further announcements in this area in the weeks to come.

Industry supply chain process and decision-support needs are indeed changing and its go to observe supply chain professional organizations adapting tools, frameworks, and training to help organizations manage such changes.


Bob Ferrari

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