As we, via Supply Chain Matters, and many others have noted, there is no question that supply chain talent development and retention has become a top of mind multi-industry challenge. Supply chain leaders express frustration in their efforts to find talent with correct skills.  Such skills include embracing the flood of new technologies making their way into supply chain business processes, understanding of global business cultures and facilitating organizational change. The reality is that business, technology and supply chain business challenges are out-distancing current skill and talent needs.

There are many facets to this challenge, both organizational and individual in scope.

The debate is often focused on whether strategies should address a perceived “skills gap”, or a “training gap.”

On the 21st Century Supply Chain blog, this author penned a guest posting summarizing my recent talk at the recently held APICS 2015 Annual Conference.

Take a moment out of your busy schedule and consider some of the conclusions and recommendations that I have highlighted. Let us, as a community, tackle the notions of skills preparedness.

Bob Ferrari