It appears that there is an active two-week two-week cycle of supply chain management focused technology news, notably B2B supply chain business networks. Supply Chain Matters This Week in Supply Chain Technology

We previously highlighted the announced acquisition of aerospace and defense industry B2B technology provider Exostar, by Thoma Bravo. Yesterday we highlighted news of a bold announcement from B2B supply chain network technology provider E2open regarding complimentary access to in-transit visibility for all existing customers.

This week, manufacturing process industries focused B2B business network platform provider Elemica formally announced a senior leadership change.

David Muse, a seasoned technology executive was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer.

According to the announcement, Muse will oversee daily operations and be a member of the technology provider’s board of directors. According to Linked-In, his prior position was an Advisor for San Francisco based financial services private equity firm TPG. Muse’s broader background include roles as President and CEO of Enviance, a provider of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) software and Chief Operations Officer of P2 Energy Solutions, a large independent provider of software and data solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry. Other roles were with technology providers Honeywell and Aspen Technology. The announcement makes reference to his other roles as a senior advisor in the software and technology sector for several private equity firms.


Somewhat similar to Exostar, Elemica was founded 20 years ago as part of the then emergence of industry specific B2B procurement and supply chain exchanges that emerged among major industry sectors.   Today, Elemica’s process support is focused on Buy, Sell, Move, Visibility and Regulatory Compliance business process areas among supply networks. In August of 2019, this privately held technology platform provider was acquired by European based Eurazeo Capital, by the private equity-based firm, Thoma Bravo. If that latter name is familiar, Thoma Bravo was the announced acquirer of Exostar last week.

By our count, this latest CEO appointment would amount to be the third CEO for Elemica since 2019.  Prior CEO’s were John Blyzinsky who served from 2012-2019, and now a continuing member of Elemica’s Board. Rich Katz, who served in senior technology executive roles since 2009 was appointed to the CEO role in late 2019.


Additional Perspectives

As noted in our prior perspective related to Exostar, the B2B technology platform landscape has become far more competitive over the years, with newer players able to leverage the most advanced technologies and broader horizontal and vertical supply chain management applications and digital transformation support.

Industry supply chains remain challenged with complex global supply chain network challenges, and of late, with escalating geo-political trade and tariff tensions and now, the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The stakes for broader end-to-end supply chain visibility and the needs to fuse physical and digital business process like never before, require B2B platforms to be far more adroit in information integration, streaming data and dynamic applications. Companies that now need to preserve cash and reduce expenses are taking a hard look at B2B Cloud transactional and services charges across multiple platforms.

Such market dynamics require added technology savviness, deeper financial pockets and bold leadership among today’s Cloud platform providers.  These series of separate announcements are not likely coincidence, but rather increased market dynamics focused on Cloud based industry exchanges surrounding supply chain management business processes. What COVID-19 has provided is a wake-up call for broader cross-functional product demand and supply network business process integration and decision-making. There is growing intolerance for supply chain management stovepipes and islands of platform information. Analytics and decision making are taking on a far broader end-to-end process perspective.


Bob Ferrari

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