Today, November 11 is the celebration of Veterans Day in the United States. 

It is a day set aside to honor the many brave armed forces veterans who gave their lives to defend their country.  It is also a day to thank all military members serving and their families for their dedicated service and sacrifices.

We at Supply Chain Matters join in thanking all veterans for their service and sacrifice, and trust that our readers will do the same. This author is proud to declare his past service.

When traveling through an airport, train or bus station, when you notice men and women traveling in uniform, take the time to thank them for their service. Acknowledging these men and women’s sacrifice helps them know that their efforts are appreciated.

Many in the U.S. military branches are now winding down from prior deployments and looking to develop careers in the civilian workforce. Please lend a helping hand in consideration of a veteran for an open position, and to help these veterans make their transition.

Thanks to the many large and small employers who have initiated active recruiting programs to hire veterans, and to assist in training and preparing veterans for new careers.

Supply chain management is an ideal career path for many veterans, and we encourage veterans to consider such careers. Your training in logistics, procurement, leadership and team management can lend themselves to a career in the many functional areas of our community. Utilize this blog as a means to understand the various challenges in global supply chain management and industry supply chains.

We also provide a shout-out to the many organizations that help our veterans make a successful transition to industry sectors such as Vets in Tech, a San Francisco based grass-roots organization dedicated to helping veterans and active duty military personnel connect within the high tech community.

If there are other organizations and/or resources available for veterans to utilize, please suggest then in the Comments area related to this posting.

Bob Ferrari