From time to time it is rather important to differentiate one’s presence in the vast universe of social media, especialSupply Chain Matters Blog logoly in the current times of explosion in individual presence. Please bear with us as we devote this brief commentary to reiterate for what we stand.

Since founding Supply Chain Matters in 2008, I have had a goal for this site to serve as a premier voice of independent thought leadership reflecting on global supply chain business process and information technology developments. Our chosen name and our approach is straight-forward, a deep belief that the vast collection of supply chain capabilities do matter in the world of business, and that important learning can be gained by sharing observation, insight and perspective. Our perspectives are formed from a background of over 30 years of experience in supply chain management across multiple functional and IT roles, and as a noted supply chain industry analyst for top-tier industry analyst firms. I, as principle author, have implemented business process change and information systems initiatives, large and small, and have been fortunate to have led on either side of these initiatives, namely for businesses themselves, and from software companies pitching their value propositions.  In short, we believe our perspective is unique, and we chose to share those perspectives with our readers.

Supply Chain Matters exists as an independent blog voice.  The insights and thought leadership shared is offered in an open environment, but we do reserve copyright and attribution rights to our content. We are NOT owned nor operated by any technology or supply chain services focused company.  This author makes his living by providing consulting and advisory services through our other entity, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC, which is the purposeful owner of our web site domain.

Our named sponsors that you see featured in our blog sponsorship panel have recognized the value of our presence in social media and have paid to be associated with our banner.  We continually thank them, not only for their support and recognition, but for their tolerance for an independent editorial voice.

We once again iterate for readers, our Supply Chain Matters guiding principles:

  • We remain an independent voice and do not serve as a re-hash for other media news or vendor viewpoints.  Our content will be original and, when necessary, cites any original sources of narrative and opinion we may use.
  • We will not drown our readers in constant vendor advertisements draped on every page of content. We purposely limit the amount of total named sponsors for Supply Chain Matters and utilize a standard blog format that features named sponsors in reading panels. We do not strive or entertain requests to have certain vendor advertisements appear with certain content.
  • Our perspectives and viewpoints will be balanced, featuring commentary related to supply chain developments concerning multi-industry supply chains, service and technology providers. Our perspectives will be weighted toward providing insights to global supply chain and B2B management professionals and not solely to stroke or mention individual technology providers. Any posting that concerns any developments or capabilities related to our sponsors and/or clients will feature a disclosure of such relationship.
  • We will from time-to-time offer guest author perspectives, and we invite experienced supply chain, B2B, academic and other professionals to consider being a guest author for an important topic or perspective on global supply chain management trends.
  • We never sell our subscriber listing to third parties and we will not drown your email inbox with constant emails, other than our periodic newsletter. Readers should be at-ease to sign-up as a subscriber for automatic alerts to Supply Chain Matters commentaries. We utilize our subscriber listing to gauge our reading audience and their industry association, so that we can properly tailor our commentaries.

We conclude with a sincere thanks and gratitude to all of our globally based readers.

Thank you for your continued support and readership!

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor