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Q1 remained incredibly busy as well as challenging for multi-industry supply chain teams, with global trade and tariff developments along with industry and company specific supply and customer demand network developments.


Global Supply Chain Activity Levels

The first calendar quarter of 2019 reflected continued weaknesses in global manufacturing and supply chain activity as represented from various global wide PMI Index reports..  There is now added evidence that global trade declines, particularly involving China and the Eurozone sector, are a continual drag on global industry supply chain activity levels.

The Eurozone March report headline was pegged as the: “Greatest contraction of manufacturing sector for nearly six years in March.”  U.S. manufacturing and supply chain activity showed signs of some moderation as-well. Japan’s manufacturing activity had fallen at fastest rate in nearly three years, while business confidence remained among the lowest levels.

Dominant Themes in Q1

Dominant industry and global supply chain management developments during Q1 again centered on ongoing trade and tariff developments and high profile, industry and business-specific supply chain developments.

They included the ongoing trade negotiations among the United States and China and the ongoing effects and added delays related to the United Kingdom’s planned departure from the European Union, which has now been delayed once again, all of which have multi-industry supply chain teams assessing short and longer-term implications on cost and other risk impacts. We elected to include a specific added newsletter global trade commentary in the newsletter.

Cyber-security involving industry supply chains remained an important topic and concern in Q1, and we further included a separate newsletter report of that topic.

Regarding specific industries and companies, the business media looking glass remained focused on the supply chain management development related to automotive industry, specifically Tesla, high tech and consumer electronics, consumer goods and retail industry.

By far the most far-reaching industry development was in commercial aerospace, and specifically the second tragic crash of the newly developed Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that occurred in March, forcing the grounding of the entire global fleet. This event was have far-reaching industry implications.


Further included is a newsletter commentary reflecting on Amazon as a Logistics Industry Disrupter to Fear, five years after the initial signs of movement toward that goal.


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