There is often a view that during the summer months, when many take vacation time to enjoy warm weather, family and friends, that social media interest focused on the broad spectrum of supply chain management wanes.    Supply Chain Matters Blog

That was not the case with Supply Chain Matters.

The months of July and August provided our largest reader audience thus far in 2014.

Last month, this web domain experienced over 47,000 visits with more than 14,000 being unique, first-time visitors. The average duration of visitors exceeded 5 minutes, which is a significant number when one considers the multitude of web destinations that are now focusing on supply chain management.

Did you know that our @SC_Matters_Blog handle on Twitter has accumulated over 20,000 followers, that we also have a dedicated group on Linked-In, and that our Quarterly Newsletter reaches over 500 email addresses ?

Once again, I need to express sincere thanks for your loyal and continued readership of Supply Chain Matters.  We are honored and humbled.

We remain committed in providing the highest quality content and insights focused on the broad spectrum of supply chain management, procurement, B2B fulfillment, manufacturing and product lifecycle management business processes and supporting technology. They are all the umbrella of how supply chain capability does matter.

You will notice that we do not populate this site with a multitude of vendor ads, streaming advertisements or sponsored videos.  We will maintain that standard, sometimes at the expense of added revenues.

We do however have a limited number of named sponsors which both share in the desire to support quality thought leadership in supply chain management and to bring attention to their products and services.  We carefully chose such sponsors for the overall value they provide.

We have limited sponsorship opportunities available that extend through the end of 2014 with some attractive pricing. If interested, send us an email at: [email protected] <dot> com.

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Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor