Supply Chain Matters is passing along a decision by Oracle to now cancel the planned Oracle Modern Business Experience virtual event that was scheduled for next week.  Oracle Modern Business Experience Conference

In a prior blog update, we informed readers that in the light of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, Oracle had decided to schedule keynote speakers of the prior Chicago based event to a virtual online conference to be held on March 24.

Yesterday, we were informed by Oracle that the virtual live keynote event has now been cancelled in order to protect the health and safety of the production team and speakers, in light of new U.S. guidelines limiting meetings to 10 people or fewer.

I’m sure we can all be cognizant to this decision, especially since the San Francisco district is currently on COVID-19 shelter in residence.

Over the coming weeks we will continue to collaborate with Oracle on getting valuable information out relative to how Oracle specialist teams within Cloud ERP, SCM, Procurement and other related Cloud based software will be sharing expertise and knowledge to those on the front line of industry supply chain management response.