Oracle today announced the availability of Release 6.2 of both Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management.  The significance of this release is that Oracle continues to broaden both TMS and GTM from a singular applications platform, with built-in integration to the existing Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. Also unique is the ability to have both TMS and GTM functionality available on a singular platform, which is not always the case among various technology vendors.

As noted in the Oracle press release, Release 6.2 of Oracle Transportation Management provides functionality enhancement in the areas of transportation sourcing, private fleet management, transportation planning and business intelligence. Release 6.2 also adds support for Oracle Data Integrator, which better facilitates the ability of customers to add any number of additional transportation costing or business intelligence data attributes for costing analysis.  Readers should take further note of the continued enhancements in small parcel and rail transportation rating, tracking, freight payment and audit which have previously been the purview of best-of-breed vendor offerings catering to high tech or industrial manufacturing clients.  Supply Chain Matters believes that this is further evidence that Oracle intends to be a serious competitor in the TMS area.

The additional functionality within Oracle Global Trade Management Release 6.2 that now features built-in integration with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1, now includes the ability to conduct trade or denied parties screening for various sales orders within the order processing workflow, to conform to trade compliance needs in international sales. Unfortunately, this integration does not include Oracle Fusion integration components at this time. Also included is somewhat sophisticated functionality that supports product classification of items based on parent/child relationships of an item’s bill of material or sub-component configuration which should help in determining the optimal product classification for global trade reporting and duty considerations.

In our briefing with Oracle management, pricing and reference customers for the 6.2 Release was not disclosed.

Bob Ferrari