Continuing on today’s theme of advanced technology supporting product innovation and management, another interesting announcement came to our Supply Chain Matters awareness.

Oracle announced today a new application termed Oracle Innovation Management, reportedly designed to help organizations make faster and more informed product management decisions.

According to the product announcement, this application was designed to support both bottom-up innovation and top-down financial impact and strategic fit analysis. The tops-down aspect comes from analysis tools directed at product innovation compared to stated business objectives such as revenue, profit or resource constraints. It was further designed to integrate with this ERP provider’s existing Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management, to provide needed integration to product management planning and controlled release to manufacturing, and will be a resident application within Oracle Value Chain solutions. Oracle, along with SAP, has PLM technology position under the broad umbrella of supply chain management focused applications.

Supply Chain Matters has not had the opportunity thus far to review this new application and we hope to do so in the coming weeks and add more detailed perspectives in a follow-on commentary.