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Multi-industry supply chain management teams are increasingly tasked with supporting the basis of required business and supply chain transformational needs. They need to prepare their businesses and various functional teams to be able to flourish from or mitigate the next crisis as-well.

After three plus years of continual supply chain disruptions, there is now a renewed understanding that this new normal of business requires a laser focus on added supply chain resiliency, agility and more responsive decision making. Supply chain management has additionally garnered a voice in influencing business and operational execution strategy and outcomes, and this requires a need for continual learning and insights.

More advanced technology will continue to provide the enablement of specific transformational efforts. Professionals need to stay current with ongoing developments and the various strengths and shortcomings of technologies applied to specific business processes. Talent and skill levels are a constant concern as is understanding what will be the most in-demand skills within supply chain management.

Accessing top rated blogs such as Supply Chain Matters helps teams seeking the broadest supply chain learning and technology insights to be accomplished online and on-the-go.

Since our founding in 2008, Supply Chain Matters has become a mainstay and has consistently been recognized for the quality and insightfulness of our published written and media content, along with being cited as one of the top blogs in the field of supply chain management.

Supply Chain Matters has amassed a targeted audience of readers seeking the deepest coverage and insights into industry specific supply chain topics related to business process and technology needs. This blog is affiliated with The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, a supply chain management industry analyst firm. Our audience consists of a broad range of readers and clients at multiple organizational and business wide functional levels.

Opportunities in Becoming a Supply Chain Matters Sponsor in 2024

Finding the time to attend or participate in multiple supply chain management educational or conference events has become more of a challenge. With 2024 expected to provide a renewed emphasis on cost controls, and with technology providers especially under the gun for profitability performance, audience targeting is crucial.

Technology marketing and supply chain services teams continue to shell out thousands and thousands to support an annual trek of conference events, hoping that their sales team will find golden prospects. With so many conferences of late, how can you continually reinforce both brand recognition and product strengths on a daily, weekly or annual basis.

Why cast a wide net when online properties such as Supply Chain Matters provide a highly segmented audience for your advanced technology products or services are required to enhance your brand or product knowledge?

Consider instead the opportunity to become a Supply Chain Matters sponsor in 2024.

Sponsorship Plans

Supply Chain Matters offers a variety of tiered sponsorship programs that are personalized for each sponsor’s specific outreach or budgeting needs.

We provide a variety of sponsorship plans which include personalized consulting and advisory services related to promoting your brand or product, and driving inbound traffic to your web site.

Our programs have provided the proven ability to supplement customer pipeline needs via content and media consumption, including podcasts and webinar opportunities. We further provided cost effective opportunities to host guest blogs or sponsored content.

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