More than ever, information technology, manufacturing, procurement, supply chain management or product management teams are increasingly occupied in getting their accomplished on a day-to-day basis. Finding the time to attend periodic supply chain management educational events has become more of a challenge, and with an expected renewed emphasis on supply chain wide cost controls in the coming year, that challenge will increase .  If they do attend such events, it is often a regional or trusted event requiring manageable justification and opportunities for networking with peer professionals vs. technology focused salespeople.  Yet, marketing teams continue to shell out thousands and thousands to support an annual trek of conference events, hoping that their sales team will find that one golden prospect.

Hence, teams have increasingly learned that seeking supply chain learning and technology insights can be selectively accomplished online and on-the-go accessing top rated blogs such as Supply Chain Matters. Supply Chain Matters blog

The coming few weeks are the period where marketing budgets for the 2020 calendar year are compiled, reviewed, and approved.

Why cast a wide net when online properties such as Supply Chain Matters provide the highly segmented audience your advanced technology products or services are required to enhance your brand or product knowledge?

Why ignore the compelling benefits of social media and digitally-focused inbound marketing based initiatives that provide constant, around the clock brand impressions as opposed to a singular one-time event where conversion rates are questionable?

Supply Chain Matters, has amassed a targeted audience of readers seeking the deepest coverage and insights into industry specific supply chain topics related to business process and technology needs. It’s no wonder that this blog is consistently cited as one of the Top-Ten quality thought leadership sites. Our blog Twitter account is approaching 12,000 followers.

A scan of our content categories provides examples of the depth of our cross-functional and industry-specific content across many topics.

Supply Chain Matters offers a variety of highly personalized sponsorship for sponsors, some of which include individual consulting, advisory and sponsored content services related to promoting your brand or product and driving inbound traffic to your web site.

We now have available opportunities for sponsorships for the coming year.

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