In prior Supply Chain Matters blog commentaries, we have indicated how supply chain planning teams across the globe have been working non-stop to help to ensure that product supply chains are responding to the unprecedented impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. COVID-19 China outbreak

In a specific commentary addressing the reality of existing multi-industry Just-In-Time inventory management flows across globally extended supply networks has been placed to an ultimate test. We observed that supply chain planners, who are often tasked with being the nerve center for supply chain response have been more than likely generating scenario-based planning models to advise business sales and operations planning (S&OP) and executive teams on the various best, worst or likely supply chain response plans, and their quantitative impacts on specific business outcomes of revenue, margin, service levels or outright extended stock outs.

One supply chain planning technology provider has now shared some evidence of such activity.

In a company internal blog, supply chain response management technology provider Kinaxis, who is also a named sponsor of this blog, indicates a doubling in the provider’s RapidResponse usage.

A published blog posting this week authored by Chief Marketing Officer Jay Muelhoefer indicates that: “we have monitored a significant and sustained surge in activity on our RapidResponse™ platform over the past several weeks.

He further observes that supply chain agility is the main muscle exercised in times that COVID-19 has introduced and that indeed, executives and planners are: “analyzing and determining the best course of action against multiple simultaneous and interdependent scenarios not just daily, but hourly or by the minute, for the entire supply chain.”

What this Editor found to be additionally indicative were some of the statistics shared:

  • Usage coming from 75 different counties with surge activity corresponding to the cascading major outbreaks in broader geographies. That reinforces other observations that the outbreak is paralleling global supply chain supply and product demand flows, with a twofold impact on both front end product demand and supply network response.
  • Various specific industry segments being impacted differently. Initially a surge in usage by High Tech industry customers because of the specific Hubei Province, China epicenter, and with outbreak spread across global regions, other verticals such as Life Sciences and Consumer Products initiating similar high levels of planning analysis. Once more, the blog indicates a 33 percent increase of users accessing the Kinaxis planning platform for needed information.
  • The number of simulations generated in mind blowing- reported as over 10 billion planning assessment calculations in the current quarter.

Finally, in our ongoing efforts to make visible efforts among supply chain technology providers to provide complimentary services related to COVID-19, Kinaxis is providing customers complimentary unlimited report access among users through the current crisis period.

Bob Ferrari