Loyal readers of Supply Chain Matters may note that I am not inclined to post a regular ‘ranting of the week’ series in this blog. I do this for two reasons.  One, I believe my audience is more concerned with more important commentary on supply chain process and technology developments, rather than my personal quirks.  I’m a consultant and industry analyst who has observed the best and worst, and likes sharing insights rather than my pet peeves. Rants are something that should be preserved for meaning, when they actually have substance and can possibly be shared by others.

That is precisely what motivates me to pen this observation commentary. I for one am tired of reading self proclamations from my fellow supply chain bloggers that they are the number one or prime destination for supply chain information.  Readers already have to endure the usual press releases from technology vendors that always begin: “Company xyz, the number one and predominant solutions provider in… “.  Now some bloggers want to also practice self-endorsement.

From where I sit, the only validation of value in reading the opinions from any blog is manifested in you, the readers, continuing to visit and comment on the issues of the day.  Rather than proclamations, I will let the quality of the content on Supply Chain Matters speak for itself.  We do not regurgitate or replicate other press, analyst or blogger commentary and instead offer you a different or more balanced view.

This blog has already gained independent recognition as one of the Top 100 Analyst Blogs.  I do not proclaim number one, because no independent reviewer has designated Supply Chain Matters as such.  Like Avis, we always try harder.  We strive to provide postings and commentary that can help you, our readers, to be more successful in your personal and business efforts within global supply chain management.  After all, bloggers need to practice what we preach.  The customers, our readers, determine our ultimate value.

Bob Ferrari