Next week, independent supply chain industry analyst and Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari will be attending the annual Oracle Supply Chain Modern Supply Chain Experience conference being held from February 13-15 in San Jose California.

There are several keynotes and specific software application technology sessions featuring customer panels and customer focused presentations. Presentation tracts include end-to-end supply chain, logistics and order management, manufacturing, supply chain planning and product lifecycle management, among others. Similar to last year, a group of students aspiring for careers in supply chain management have been invited to this conference and offered a specific learning tract.

Supply Chain Matters will provide update commentaries and highlights of the various sessions and interactions held at this year’s conference. Last year, Bob was part of the panel discussion: The Role of Sustainability in the Modern Supply Chain.

Bob encourages readers planning on attending this year’s conference to seek him out at any of the networking or interactive sessions.

Stay tuned for upcoming highlights.