As we transition into November, it is time for Supply Chain Matters to reflect on our prior 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains that we published in December of 2015 and have periodically updated during this year.  Supply Chain Matters Blog

Our research arm, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group has published annual predictions since our founding in 2008.  Our approach is to view predictions as an important resource for our clients and readers, thus we do not view them as a light, one-time exercise. Not only do we research and publish our annualized predictions, but every year now in November, we look-back and self-score our predictions for the year. Of course, you our readers can voice your own observation and scoring perspectives via Comments.

After concluding the scoring process for 2016 we will then unveil our new 2017 Predictions during the month of December.

Keep an eye out to next week as we begin a series of multipart postings that reflect on what has occurred this year as compared to what was predicted.  We believe that readers will discover some interesting insights related to supply chain, procurement and product management events.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor