Next week, I’m especially looking forward to delivering the first of a two-part market education series of webinars for the Accenture Supply Chain Academy audience on the evolving hot topic of Supply Chain Control Towers (SCCT).

In the Part One- Foundations webinar next week I will cover the fundamental strategic changes occurring across global supply chains, along with their implications for decision-making.  I’ll also provide our audience with a working definition of supply chain control tower capabilities, why these capabilities are so important, and delineate the design parameters, risks and benefits.

In December, Part Two of this education series will dive deeper into the people, process and technology capabilities to consider along with some guidelines for designing SCCT based initiatives within industry supply chains.

This series is exclusively available to licensed members of the Accenture Academy. The webinar content and registration can be viewed at this web link. Readers who are Accenture Academy Live members are encouraged to immediately register for this upcoming series, since registrations are building and the series kicks off Monday with an international based audience, followed on Tuesday with a European and U.S. based audience.

Supply Chain Matters readers can also review and access some of these SCCT concepts by clicking on supply chain control tower in our listing of Topics in the right-hand panel. Later in the week, I will also summarize some important takeaways from the Part One webinar for our broader readership.

Bob Ferrari