Supply Chain Matters has been invited and will be present at PTC’s Live Global 2014 conference being held in Boston next week.  PTC is product management technology provider and Live Global is this provider’s premier customer networking and training event for product development professionals who utilize PTC technology.

PTC has increasingly become involved in the integration of product management and supply chain processes, including service focused supply chains. Their technology approach is to optimize supply chain design early in product planning and development processes. PTC is of the believe that by strategically aligning the supply chain with the fundamental processes that drive product innovation, design and development, teams will be able to rationalize components and suppliers, optimize direct material sourcing, speed production, reduce cost and mitigate risk.

A series of recent acquisitions including the announced acquisition of Internet of Things provider Thingworx in December places PTC further into the linkage of product design with digital manufacturing shop floor.

Stay tuned for a future commentary regarding our impressions from PTC Live Global 2014 as well as how product management views its relationship with procurement and supply chain.

If you will be attending this conference, seek us out and say hello.  We value your perspectives and viewpoints.

Bob Ferrari, Independent Supply Chain Industry Analyst