I’ll be off to Orlando on Monday to attend  the SAP combined Sapphire and ASUG conferences which occurs annually at this time.

I’ve attended many Sapphires over the years, and each brings a different perspective on the pulse of the SAP community.  However, this will be my first Sapphire in the role of blogger, and I’m looking forward to penning live dispatches from this event.

I anticipate that this year’s session should be rather interesting given the dismal state of the world economy.  SAP announced its first quarter earnings last week and the news on software license sales was grim, down nearly 33 percent.  Customers have clearly cutback on technology purchases, and are pushing back on the announced increases in annual maintenance.  It will be interesting to sense how SAP will respond to this challenging environment over the coming year.

I will also be assessing the current state of SAP’s Supply Chain Management software applications to ascertain overall progress, and hope to speak with some SAP SCM customers on their user experiences. If you haven’t noted my biography, I worked at SAP over two years as Global Director of Supply Chain product marketing, so I do have some sense of grounding in all of SAP’s SCM applications.

If any of my Supply Chain Matters readers happen to be attending Sapphire, please look me up. I would enjoy meeting you in person, or renewing old acquaintances.

Bob Ferrari