On April 12-16, Sterling Commerce will be hosting its annual Customer Connection 2010 Conference in Dallas. Sterling Commerce provides technology focused on business collaboration networks with a particular emphasis on supporting order management and fulfillment processes. The conference has an interesting lineup of keynote speakers including representation from Best Buy, Hostess Brands Inc. and other companies.

Infosys supply chain management team, who is one of other sponsors of the Supply Chain Matters blog is also a spotlight sponsor for this upcoming Sterling event.

I will be in attendance at next week’s conference and will be providing live blog postings from this event, including comments via Twitter. Our coverage will include interesting interviews with supply chain practioners, consultants and technology providers as well as commentary on current and future order fulfillment business process and technology applications. If you plan on attending this conference nest week, please seek me out.  I’d enjoy meeting and chatting with you on supply chain developments and challenges.

Bob Ferrari