Next week we are off to Scottsdale to attend the Kinaxis annual customer conference which is termed Kinexions.  Readers will note that Kinaxis has been one of our original Supply Chain Matters sponsors, and we are thrilled to have them as a partner.  More importantly, the Kinexions event brings together an impressive collection of multi-industry customers that are practicing supply chain response management across their planning and customer fulfillment business processes.  This year also features some new and interesting speakers and events.

In our summary impressions from last year’s conference we observed the acknowledgement by those in high tech, pharmaceutical and other industry supply chains that events are moving at an incredible rapid rate of external and internal business change and the need for informed decision-making and business scenario analysis has become ever more apparant.  Likewise in supporting ongoing S&OP business processes.  We expect to hear more in these dimensions and possibly new product directions for Kinaxis in the coming months.

Stay tuned to our daily conference commentaries which will be featured on both Supply Chain Matters and the Supply Chain Expert Community.

Bob Ferrari