We want to advise our Supply Chain Matters readers that we continue working behind the scenes on some overdue web site improvements.

Thus far, we have implemented improvements in site security, in our overall search engine optimization and in more mobile friendliness for both our research advisory services and Supply Chain Matters web presence.  If you haven’t noticed, our web sites now https web site identities, reflecting our new secure status.  If you have been experiencing any difficulties in accessing our sites via saved http addresses, it may be reflective of these changes. Our sites can now be accessed by the following:   Supply Chain Matters Blog

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Grouphttps://www.theferrarigroup.com

Supply Chain Matters Blog: https://www.theferrarigroup.com/supply-chain-matters

Also keep in mind that this blog can be accessed from two other web domains which will re-direct users to our secure web site:



Other improvements expected in the coming weeks will include a long overdue re-make of our primary research business web site. This effort will include moving the blog to its own dedicated separate web domain.  We will advise all of our blog readers as we get closer to any actual domain move.

We are also working on a means to support general advertising of supply chain related products and services on the Supply Chain Matters blog, in another panel below our designated sponsors. This will provide an opportunity for technology and services providers to reach a highly targeted, multi-industry global supply chain audience at very reasonable rates.

Stay tuned.

Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor