Small and mid-sized providers of technology and services to the global supply chain management community often have a challenge of getting broader name and brand recognition.  Competing larger enterprise level providers with large corporate and product marketing budgets can often fund multiple initiatives directed at content generation, brand recognition or event-based marketing. They can often influence industry analyst firms for broader coverage and name recognition.  The next generation up and coming firms have more limited resources and have to leverage their marketing and brand awareness efforts at broader, more impactful  and continuous reinforcements of the brand.  This is where the benefits of social-media and web-based marketing provide best leverage.

We are pleased to announce a new Supply Chain Matters Named Sponsor level sponsorship option. This program will provide a flexible and cost affordable option to have your brand targeted to a broad, pre-screened audience of cross-functional readers who represent the many functions and responsibilities associated with supply chain and B2B management.  Supply Chain Matters has garnered multiple recognition and rewards regarding the quality of our content. This program provides flexibility in both length of sponsorship and cost, and can alternatively serve as a means to support specific event-based marketing needs such as a major market launch or new program.  For the equivalent cost of sponsoring a single event, providers can take advantage of a continuous cycle of brand and services recognition.

For more information, providers can send an email to info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.