I just returned from spending the holidays in Florida.  Upon our return to Boston however we found a complete loss of our Verizon FIOS broadband services.  It has taken Verizon three days to resolve the problem, which turned out to be the outside fiber input box.  That means no Internet connection, no phone, no TV.  It appears our New England climate is not kind to this technology, since the repair technician informed us that water from all our accumulated snow storms had penetrated the box and caused a failure.  Coincidentally, we had the same failure occur in July after a period of heavy rainstorms.  That incident also presented three days of downtime.  I believe I have discovered the Achilles heal of advanced technology- reliability and the ability to withstand the test of New England weather.  Perhaps other readers can share their experiences with Verizon FIOS.  Thanks for the opportunity to rant on this frustration.

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Bob Ferrari