I read a rather insightful Gartner First Thing Monday commentary published at the end of August which was penned by Jim Shepard. This commentary which was titled: Multi-enterprise Commerce Is Still a Problem Searching for a Coherent Solution, was a follow-up to a “storm of responses” to a previous commentary suggesting that multi-enterprise commerce might be the replacement for some current installed ERP systems.

I have penneda guest commentary on the Infosys Technologies Supply Chain Management Blog that contrasts these recent observations made by Gartner with the realities of today’s B2B commerce capabilities. I believe that the argument is not about finding a new “label” for systems development but rather the reality that many industry supply chains find themselves in highly dynamic and fiercely competitive environment with a requirement to constantly adapt.  That may well require extensions beyond that of today’s installed ERP systems.

Please check-out this guest commentary and feel free to share your own observations and viewpoints.

Bob Ferrari