Today’s blogosphere features many voices and perhaps like you, there are a select few that you often want to check.  One blogger that this author has come to admire and call a friend is Vinnie Mirchandani, who currently pens a number of blogs, including the well-recognized Deal Architect blog.  Vinnie has also authored a book which this author was pleased to recommend, and is in the process of writing another book.

This week Vinnie penned a Deal Architect posting that expresses his admiration for the practices of today’s supply chain business practices and leveraged use of advanced information technology.  He states that he continues to marvel on how complex technology supply chains have become, and how supply chain teams have successfully navigated today’s incredible clock speeds of new production introduction and supply disruption.

Readers also get the opportunity to download at no cost, a chapter written that cites an interview with Tony Prophet and the capabilities of the Hewlett Packard supply chain management teams, especially during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and other times of significant disruption.

In the spirit of our theme, we wanted to call attention to Supply Chain Matters readers of continued recognition of the work that our community performs.

Bob Ferrari