Supply Chain Matters readers may recall that in early March, I posted a comment (We Need More Positive News) that with all of the negative news that was being generated regarding the current aftereffects of the global financial crisis, that we all needed more positive and uplifting news stories, particularly in supply chain developments.  I challenged readers to share such stories, but alas, you have failed to share a single story.

Being the sometimes persistent person that I am, I have taken a different tact. If my readers are reluctant to share such stories, than I will get the ball rolling.  Here’s a fist of what I trust will be an ongoing series of posts related to positive news and developments across global supply chains. Let me know what you think.

I have two stories to share.  A story featured in the Nashville Business Journal indicates that Five Star Custom Foods, a producer meat products and sauces, will be opening a new manufacturing plant near Nashville Tennessee, which will create 250 jobs over the next three years.  Five Star bought a former food service distribution center which went out of business last year.

A story featured in the Houston Chronicle reported that Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation, the number two baby food maker is after 118 years in the same location, planning to move to a new 550,000-square-foot manufacturing plant just twenty miles up the road from its upstate New York location.  You may note that this story seems to have a negative tone regarding the current workforce located in Canajoharie New York, but in my view, the fact that the plant will move just twenty miles away to the Town of Florida New York, retain all existing employees, and add up to 135 additional positions is pretty positive for today’s economy.

If you have or read of any other positive stories, please email them to bferrari at blog1 dot com. The more we get, the more this post series can uplift all of us.

Bob Ferrari