In an effort to add my part toward accentuating more positive news, in whatever dimensions, this is the second of our ongoing series of posts related to what we can find as positive news and developments across global supply chains.

A Wall Street Journal article outlines that after receiving contracts for new optical fiber from Chinese telecom carriers, Corning Inc. is rehiring about 100 workers at two plants in North Carolina.  The article also highlights that demand has been described as  “tight” for LCD flat-screen television screens world-wide, and that Corning plans to “relight” idled production to increase output in the second-quarter.  While Corning had previously laid-off 3500 of its employees, this select re-hiring news is certainly encouraging.

Another Wall Street Journal article outlines how employee owned Publix supermarkets  has put short-term profitability aside during the current severe downturn. Publix remains at full staffing levels, maintaining its superior customer service, while lowering prices for financially challenged consumers.  The company has the U.S. supermarket industry’s second highest annualized sales per square foot, and a customer approval score of 82 out of 100, without laying off employees.  I myself have shopped at Publix’s in my visits to my daughter’s home in Florida, and can well attest to the Publix experience. There is something to be said for having the flexibility to be a privately owned company.

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 Bob Ferrari