I am delighted to announce that ModusLink Global Solutions has signed on as a new sponsor for the Supply Chain Matters blog.

ModusLink has deep roots in supporting supply chain processes, having its genesis as the former RR Donnelly distribution entity for software media over 25 years ago.  Since that time, this provider has broadened its services, global presence and reach with service offerings that provide a seamless extension of a client’s supply chain capability. ModusLink takes pride in solving its clients’ cost, time-to-market, customer satisfaction and revenue objectives. Of the 2010 Top 25 Supply Chains cited AMR Research/Gartner, eleven are ModusLink partner customers.

ModusLink provides its customers experience and support in five major business areas, namely sourcing and supply base management, a broad range of manufacturing-related services, multi-channel fulfillment and logistics, customer and aftermarket support services.  Key support programs include among others, support for on-demand customer entitlement, management for digital and physical product content delivery, e-commerce fulfillment, and full aftermarket return and repair process needs.  Supply chain best practices that have been developed in customer partnerships have been added to a repository of detailed vertical market knowledge.

This provider provides a robust global presence which includes a network of solution centers that spans 25 facilities in 14 countries including the Amercas, continental Europe and Asia, with 8 sites in China alone. From a technology perspective, ModusLink has developed its own SAP-driven business platform to support sourcing, procurement, planning, fulfillment, and business intelligence needs.

Over these past weeks I have been speaking with many ModusLink professionals, including their very able Vice President of Marketing and Business Strategy, Lorcan Sheehan, who is a frequent contributor on the company’s Value Unchained blog.  This blog was launched last April to foster dialogue on optimizing the multichannel value chain. I have been favorably impressed with our conversations and I am looking forward to being a future guest contributor to Value Unchained.

In the meantime, please take the opportunity to click on the ModusLink logo or the About Our Sponsor page to learn more about ModusLink or to experience ModusLink thought leadership and community.

Welcome aboard, ModusLink.

Bob Ferrari

Executive Editor