Application data management provider Magnitude Software announced last week that it has acquired Every Angle Software Solutions, a provider that enables users of SAP-run organizations to optimize their operational intelligence and performance by empowering insightful and flexible business analytics.
No financial information nor terms were noted in this announcement.
Every Angle’s self-service application is targeted toward SAP SE systems implementations (ECC and HANA) to help overcome the complexity of SAP’s data structure, allowing end users to identify and resolve key operational business issues.
Supply Chain Matters readers may recall that Every Angle was a past sponsor of this blog, when the technology provider made its broader entry into the North America SAP focused market. In a September 2016 blog commentary, we observed that in many industry settings, particularly those with SAP backbones, supply chain teams must turn to their IT support teams to harvest timely business intelligence and/or analytics related to the pulse of the supply chain. Operational professionals have to define what they believe they need in terms of operational insights, explain the requirement to their IT partners, wait for them to actually get around to creating these custom inquiries and reports, only to then discover that this process of information mining contains multiple iterative passes. This can consume  significant periods of time, not only for the operational teams themselves, but also IT.  This is time that can be better invested in strategic and tactical needs. Every Angle’s technology was targeted to address the need for more self-service operational business intelligence with built-in, out-of-the-box “Angles” tailored to common business or supply chain functional inquiries.
Magnitude Software provides a termed Unified Application Data Management applications suite addressing the needs for overcoming a complex applications landscape. Among its applications are Magnitude Master Data Management, Agility Product Information Management and Magnitude Simba Connectivity.
According to an FAQ document provided by Magnitude Software, the acquisition has been targeted to assist Every Angle to scale its go-to-market initiatives and more effectively support its growing customer base.
That language usually translated to much needed infusion of added working capital.
Every Angle will become a part of Magnitude’s Applications business with a focus on reporting and analytics. The management team will become part of Magnitude, with Every Angle CEO Fred Hermans to serve as Senior Vice President- Every Angle Solutions within Magnitude.
The FAQ document further indicates that Every Angle customers should anticipate that existing contracts will continue without interruption. Every Angle will continue to deliver implementation, training, and customer services, and going forward, Magnitude will explore additional managed services offerings.
Added Perspectives
This Every Angle acquisition represents Magnitude’s third acquisition in the past eight months, and seventh in total, while expanding a singular presence in the SAP ecosystem for third-party tools to overcome SAP complexity.  It further provides a more concentrated focus for SAP augmentation tools in the European market.
With SAP now aggressively moving toward a more Cloud based applications landscape, legacy SAP users will soon have to make strategic decisions as to whether to upgrade to various Cloud platforms, including supply chain management, manufacturing or PLM focused, or make do with existing landscapes.  That would imply the need for more end-user focused tools that can simplify the extracting of operational and functional business intelligence.
Bob Ferrari
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