If you still have leftover budget for 2015, you may want to consider having your organization as a noted sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog in the coming year. It may well be one of your organization’s smartest end-of-year investments.

The Supply Chain Matters blog remains committed in providing the highest quality content and insights focused on the broad spectrum of supply chain management, procurement, B2B fulfillment, manufacturing and product lifecycle management business processes and supporting technology. This site provides the broadest coverage of industry-specific supply chain challenges, developments and learning.

They are all the umbrella of our site banner- supply chain business process and technology capability does indeed matter.

Did you know that our content can be accessed from three separate Internet addresses? That our @SC_Matters_Blog handle on Twitter has accumulated over 20,000 followers and that we also have a dedicated group on Linked-In? Our Quarterly Newsletter now reaches over 500 subscribed email addresses.

You will notice that we do not populate this site with a multitude of vendor ads, streaming advertisements or sponsored videos.  There are too many of these types of sites among the supply chain web universe that are more interested in generating content-driven revenues vs. quality and objectivity of content and insights. If you need more evidence, review our current deep-dive 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains.

We feature a limited number of sponsors which both share in the desire to support quality thought leadership in supply chain management and to bring attention to their products and services.  We carefully chose such sponsors for the overall value they provide. Readers can anticipate exciting announcements related to new sponsors in the days to come.

In 2015, we instituted a third-level Named sponsorship program to accommodate the needs of up and coming technology and services vendors who desire broader supply chain functional and IT brand visibility or need to support a new re-branding initiative.

Do consider a wise investment and consider joining one of our already noted sponsors of this blog. We will be here publishing for the remainder of December and in the New Year.

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Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor