This is a brief reminder that there is but one week remaining to register for the upcoming Supply Chain world North America Conference, sponsored by the Supply Chain Council.  As in previous years, there is a great lineup of keynote speakers and concurrent sessions.

Supply Chain Matters via this author will be facilitating one of the conference’s premiere events, the  Pundits and Influencers panel discussion which will be held on the final day of the conference. The Supply Chain Council has provided a dedicated web page to introduce our panel. I was very fortunate in being able to assemble this panel, which will represent years of experience in observing and commenting on supply chain insights and future trends.  Knowing each of the panelists personally, I’m expecting a lively and information exchange.

After collaborating with each of the panelists, we have lined-up the following topics slated for panel discussion this year: (time permitting)

  • How and why supply chains must be positioned to be driven by business strategy outcomes?
  • Should organizations be revisiting the determination and assessment factors of supply chain risk?
  • Will technology play a more instrumental role in transforming supply chains to required new levels of capability?
  • Supply chain executives have been of the belief that continuous improvement programs that introduce gradual change are the means for implementing transformation. Will this approach suffice in this new era of constant business change and increased risk?
  • What do you believe are the next logical steps for organizations in their S7OP journey?
  • How do you observe current supply chain skill gaps being articulated and what do you view as the key management skills required to manage in the “new normal” of business?  Are universities and training organizations focusing on the right skill areas?

At this year’s conference, our panel will also be conducting a dedicated informal networking session with conference attendees, a day prior to our panel. This will be the opportunity to meet one on one with any panelist and provide other questions or exchange topics of interest.

Supply Chain Matters readers who plan on attending the conference are also welcomed to share topics that they would like the panel to address.  Send us an email: info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

Readers can easily register for the conference by double-clicking on the icon located in our Upcoming Conferences panel on the right-hand panel of this blog.

Bob Ferrari