Supply Chain Matters provides another edition of amplifying Distinguished Supply Chain Professionals who have garnered noteworthy and well deserved industry or professional recognition.

In December 2012, The Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning (IBF) presented a Lifetime Achievement in Business Forecasting & Planning award to Larry Lapide, Ph.D, Research Affiliate, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics and Lecturer, University of Massachusetts Boston.  Many of our readers probably know Larry from his career in both management consulting and the Industry Analyst world, as well as his appearances and talks at many industry conferences and management forums.    Lifetime Achievement in Business Forecasting & Planning

This author was especially pleased to hear of this award, since Larry was my very able mentor and first manager while we worked together in the original supply chain management research practice at AMR Research. I am proud to have Larry as a continued friend throughout the years.

This IBF recognition notes:

Larry has provided valuable input in the development of IBF’s body of knowledge that drives our certification, research, and training programs.  He has contributed over 60 articles to our Journal of Business Forecasting. He provides valuable insight and thoughts on improvement, enabling forecasting and planning professionals to succeed in this challenging environment.”

Anish Jain, Managing Director, IBF summed up Larry’s lifetime achievement as follows:

Larry volunteered to speak at the first IBF best practices conference back in April 1996 and has been a contributor every year, sharing his experience, driving new thought and imparting knowledge.  He volunteers to train and enrich budding Forecasting and Planning Professionals at IBF’s Tutorials, Workshops, and Academy every year since the 90’s.”

Those of you who know or have worked with Larry throughout the years are probably aware that he tends to always downplay these types of industry accolades.  When I heard about the award, I insisted that we would amplify this prestigious award on this blog, since Larry truly deserves this recognition.  He has made his mark in supply chain thought leadership and practical advice.

Supply Chain Matters provides a hearty Tip of the Hat and job well down to Larry Lapide, and we echo our thanks to the IBF for Tip of the Hattheir choice in a lifetime recognition award. We also invite our readers to share their congratulations as well in the Comments section of this posting.

We also extend congratulations to Patrick Bower, Senior Director, Corporate Planning and Customer Service at Combe Inc., for also earning the IBF Excellence in Forecasting and Planning Achievement award.



Bob Ferrari, Fonder and Executive Editor