Supply Chain Matters will be featuring a healthy amount of supply chain technology focused news and developments this week and we begin with Kinaxis.

Late last week, supply chain planning and response management technology provider Kinaxis announced a Cloud hosting infrastructure partnership with Google Cloud.

This announcement indicates that instances of Kinaxis RapidResponse planning suite can now be deployed either on Kinaxis’s own hosted Cloud platform, or for customer needs for private or public Cloud deployments leveraging the Google Cloud platform.

John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis states in the announcement press release: “As we continue to see unprecedented demand for our solutions, the market wants Kinaxis to be able to quickly and seamlessly deliver RapidResponse from anywhere in the world. This partnership with Google Cloud will further help us scale our capabilities in achieving that goal. By combining RapidResponse and our unique technique of concurrent planning with the scale, flexibility, and environmental efficiency of Google Cloud, we will be able to jointly empower companies with the supply chain agility and resilience they need to make decisions that positively impact people and the planet, including during times of massive disruption, as we’re currently experiencing.”

This partner development follows a prior announcement made in May at the company’s annual Kinexions customer conference that indicated a Cloud infrastructure hosting partnership involving the Microsoft Azure platform.

This supply chain technology analyst spoke directly with Giovanni (Gio) Pizzoferrato, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) regarding this latest announcement. He indicated that Kinaxis customers are increasingly seeking a wider range of data residency or redundancy capabilities on a global wide basis. By providing added hyperscaler hosting options, Kinaxis will be able to provide its customers with added flexibilities and options for global-wide SaaS and data management and integration needs, particularly as various governments continue to enact data sovereignty or redundancy policies. With the addition of Google Cloud as a hosting option, customers garner the added opportunity to leverage Google’s Open Data Model technology, providing synergistic leverage of all types of data along with added opportunities to integrate outside-in information and insights into RapidResponse planning and scenario-based modeling.

When asked if the market can anticipate added hyperscaler Cloud announcements by Kinaxis, Gio indicated most likely, and for rather interesting added opportunities in managing workloads and data not only for planning, but other business process support and decision-making needs.


Bob Ferrari

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