As Founder and Managing Editor I am pleased to announce to our global-wide Supply Chain Matters readership that cloud based concurrent supply chain planning solutions provider Kinaxis will again serve as a Sustained Sponsor of this independent thought leadership platform in 2024 and 2025.


Kinaxis Overview

Founded in 1984, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and becoming a publicly listed company in 2014, Kinaxis continues with efforts directed at revolutionizing supply chain management through continuous innovation for almost four decades now..

The company’s rich history has led to numerous patents, deep supply chain domain expertise, and a one-of-a-kind database and platform built from the ground up with planning and execution context.

The company’s purpose and mission remains to power global supply chains through end-to-end orchestration and decision-making enablement. A differentiator for this provider remains a unique corporate culture  that fosters caring, laughing and for always being customer centric.

The company believes in a holistic approach toward enabling customer success.

That includes an understanding of a particular customer’s vision and roadmap for supply chain planning, orchestration and needed decision-making capabilities. This tech provider fosters a sense of partnership in mobilizing the people, process and systems capabilities to propel transformational needs forward, along with the abilities of technology capabilities to drive deeper efficiencies and return-on-investment moving forward.

Kinaxis RapidResponse Product Suite

As we have highlighted in our Supply Chain Matters commentaries, the continuous innovation and software developments that have been invested into the Kinaxis RapidResponse product suite have fostered support for concurrency and orchestration powered by AI across areas of supply planning, execution and more informed and risk-aware decision making.

The platform is aptly described as a singular platform for end to end orchestration powered by AI.

Overall suite capabilities include:

  • Conversational and effortless user experiences which is often described by customers as the principal catalyst for time-to-value and increased user adoption levels.
  • An available intelligence engine and singular point of control that extracts insights, automates tasks, and augments user abilities to make more informed decisions. Capabilities include end-to-end synchronization, what-if decision making and smarter collaboration among various business and supply chain focused user groups.
  • Data fabric that fosters seamless planning and execution alignment by bringing all relevant internal and external data together and supported by advanced analytics, augmented artificial intelligence and other cognitive based capabilities.


Broader Industry Support Presence

Today’s profile of Kinaxis customers spans a much broader range of industry supply chain settings and associated business success needs to include:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Products
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Food & Beverage
  • High Tech and Electronics
  • Industrial
  • Logistics
  • Life Sciences
  • Mobility
  • Retail


Readers may have by now observed that the company has now refreshed its branding presence to include a bolder corporate logo and purpose moving forward.


Ongoing Partnerships and Thought Leadership

In 2024, Kinaxis has amassed a collection of global based consulting and systems integration partnerships, cloud infrastructure hosting platform providers, leading research organizations and academic partnerships to foster global wide supply chain thought leadership and leading-edge capabilities.


We at the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and our affiliated Supply Chain Matters blog have been honored to be a part of this partnership and journey since 2009.

We look forward to another year of sharing with readers continued supply chain focused thought leadership, insights and perspectives related to global-wide supply chain business processes and technologies and their contribution to business performance.

For further information related to this company’s corporate culture and customer support capabilities, readers can access the Kinaxis web site.


Bob Ferrari

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