Kinexions kicked off this morning with presentations focused on the common challenges that are occurring in many supply chain environments, especially the high tech industry.  There was also a rather interesting announcement of what was described as an “pre-marital engagement” among Kinaxis and E2Open concerning the ability to perform global available-to-commit (ATP) checks utilizing a globally connected network. As with many Kinaxis related conference and customer related endeavors, it linked themes of  good-natured humor with a pride of customer accomplishments.

Doug Colbeth, President/CEO of Kinaxis kicked-off the morning with an emphasis of what Kinaxis is hearing about customer challenges.  Supply chain performance is becoming more critical to business results, volatility is increasing in both supply and demand, and S&OP is experiencing a re-birth, but in a newer context of organizational alignment.  Follow-on presentations from speakers from Altimeter Group, Cisco Systems, Research-In-Motion and Qualcomm all seemed to hit upon various aspects to these common themes.  The speed and pace of business change is extraordinary, and supply chain processes and capabilities are in the middle of such changes.

Some takeaways from my perspective was the constant reinforcement that it is the contributions of people and teams that are at the forefront of supply chain change.  The high tech industry is moving at an incredibly rapid rate of change in terms of demand and supply requirements, and many of this morning’s presenters noted how the combination of process, practices, measurements and supporting systems have all been coordinated in managing such rapid change.

This afternoon I’m hoping to have some additional discussions with some of the presenters.  I have also been experiencing some Internet connectivity issues limiting my ability to publish postings, and I’m hoping to resolve that problem as well.  Moving out of the keynote presentation ballroom will help. In any case, I’ll be posting more content when I get a more stable connection.

Bob Ferrari