This week, Supply Chain Matters sponsor Kinaxis announced the introduction of what the provider terms as the Self-Healing Supply Chain.  The announcement was timed to coincide with the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference held in Phoenix Arizona.  Kinaxis
This new functionality, to be part of Kinaxis RapidResponse technology suite, utilizes purpose-built machine-learning technology to surface complex dependencies or patterns across a wide variety of planning data elements to automatically improve the accuracy of planning design assumptions and to help drive supply chain performance improvements. According to the announcement, the new functionality automatically detects and then corrects discrepancies between the as-designed and as-demonstrated performance on an ongoing basis.
The new capability was tested with input from customers spanning life sciences and high-tech electronics including SigmaPoint Technologies and Plexus Corp, among others.
Kinaxis joins a select group of other supply chain planning technology providers that are now applying forms of purpose-built machine learning to more effectively plan and manage industry supply chain fulfillment and decision-making.
A dedicated Kinaxis web page is available for readers seeking additional information.
Supply Chain Matters will also feature more in-depth analysis of this new functionality in a future update.
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