Supply chain planning and response management technology provider Kinaxis today announced a program designed to is enable manufacturers to accelerate their digital supply chain planning journey and to gain added agility and achieve technology implementation time-to-value sooner.  Kinaxis Supply Chain Management Software

As our readers are all too-ware, ongoing industry supply chain disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic and workforce impacts, are driving companies to evaluate their readiness and resilience to responding to business turbulence. That includes senior executives and supply chain leaders seeking more timely relief to manage and reduce risks brought on by the unprecedented daily disruptions they are experiencing today.

According to the announcement, the Kinaxis RapidValue deployment process has been designed to address both needs by quickly establishing the foundational end-to-end transparency necessary to detect and measure the impact of supply chain disruption on key financial performance indicators and fulfillment obligations.

Leveraging both the company’s RapidResponse technology platform and unique concurrent planning techniques, along with many years of experience from its professional service consultants, this new service allows customers the ability to perform finished goods and key supply components planning, replace disparate spread sheets with connected, collaborative workbooks and alerts, and lay the foundation for what-next scenario planning within a defined six-week period.

Kinaxis began evaluating the need for this capability in the latter part of last year as prospects indicated they needed the ability for more robust planning and more-informed decision-making capabilities on an accelerated timetable, far more accelerated than some existing large technology providers.

In essence, the provider’s new service is designed to assure that the RapidResponse application will be live and ready to serve supply chain planning and other users and begin delivering basic functionality in a matter of weeks. In this service, customers gain access to needed data links and integration, data integrity checks, exception-based alerts, initial user training, and foundational use of advanced what-if scenario planning capabilities.

This supply chain technology industry analyst and Supply Chain Matters Founder was pleased to be able to add my own perspectives to this announced service, namely that: “Multi-industry customer demand and supply networks around the world are facing various stages of significant disruption, and some are overwhelmed with day-to-day or hour-to-hour planning and response needs. Typical time to value for supply chain planning projects can be several months. By providing ways for these manufacturers to gain value much sooner, Kinaxis is helping customers solve some of the pain they are feeling now, while putting them on a path to be prepared for ongoing disruption.”

Businesses can gain additional information regarding this service by accessing the Kinaxis web site or clinking on the Kinaxis logo in this blog’s Sponsor panel.


Bob Ferrari

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