Supply chain planning and execution synchronization technology provider Kinaxis today announced the company’s broadened set of AI-infused capabilities which is being named Kinaxis Maestro.

Noted as a first in its kind, the capabilities combine what is described as a powerful combination of proprietary computational technologies and techniques that support supply chain planning and execution synchronization needs across an extended supply chain.

This announcement was made at the company’s annual Kinexions customer conference being held this week, which Supply Chain Matters is attending.

Kinaxis’s indicate that these new capabilities are being introduced because businesses want more supporting supply chain software capabilities including business process synchronization, orchestration, and data management control.

The overall premise of this added capability was a realization that the veracity of data is equally or sometimes more important than the actual modeling of data and/or scenarios.

The Kinaxis Maestro platform is comprised of three layers:

A supply chain data fabric designed to connect both internal, inside out, and external, outside-in data sources into a digital twin based singular control layer. This includes a described different approach to data management that brings together structured and unstructured data sources along with universal cataloguing of all data providers. That can include external supply network partners and other services providers. The capability is noted as event-driven simulation and modeling where Kinaxis and non-Kinaxis generated data is brought together on a singular Cloud based platform.

A described always-on computational intelligence engine that includes a fusion of advanced technologies which are designed to provide real-time insights, predictive and prescriptive decision-making capabilities. These capabilities will reportedly include a chatbot based Generative AI interface.

A singular user-friendly interface, enabling business and supply chain professionals the ability to make faster and more-informed decisions from anywhere, and from any device.

Why Now?

Kinaxis product management indicates that they have been working on this level of added software and data management for quite some time. These capabilities are described as the next iteration of this tech provider’s rather powerful RapidResponse product suite. Presenter’s reinforced that this announcement should not be perceived as a re-platforming but rather a further leveraging of the data and configurations that exist in Kinaxis RapidResponse. The implication is that added functionality support will come from the usual periodic product updates that occur with RapidReponse.

The effort was designed to manifest to the supply chain technology market space that Kinaxis is more than a supply chain planning technology support provider.  Further, it has been designed for customers to  be able to leverage advanced AI chatbot and large language models in their supply chain business support needs.


Supply Chain Matters will feature added perspectives regarding the Maestro announcement in follow-on commentaries.


Bob Ferrari

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