We are once again pleased to announce to our global-based Supply Chain Matters readership audience that Kinaxis will remain a Sustained sponsor of this blog throughout 2019. and early 2020.Kinaxis Supply Chain Management Software

Kinaxis was one of the very first sponsors of this blog upon our founding in 2008, and thus we have a longstanding relationship in supply chain management thought leadership. We look forward to this continuing relationship during the coming year.

With origins that date back to 1984, and with its founding in 1995, Kinaxis and its flagship RapidResponse supply chain, and now concurrent planning software application capabilities have been adopted by industry-leading companies across multiple industry verticals. Deployments support varying supply chain planning and response needs among noted automotive, industrial, high-tech and consumer electronics and life sciences customers.

Kinaxis delivers a collection of highly-configurable and integrated Cloud-based supply chain planning, enhanced visibility and support applications.  What differentiates RapidResponse are the broad combination of planning capabilities supporting role-based collaboration, what-if analysis and scenario simulation and supply chain analytics. The application is coupled to an extensible user-centric data and automated workflow model designed to address complex business planning.

Recent additional capabilities are the application of machine-learning technology in what Kinaxis terms as support for self-healing supply chain concepts. Just announced added capabilities are in enhanced data visualization and analysis were designed to help customers more readily identify supply chain hotspots and uncover added insights with the ability of individual users to configure and utilize personalized visualization and reporting tools.

What further differentiates Kinaxis in the market has consistently been passionate and enthusiastic customers and a dedicated employee base with deep planning domain knowledge. Deployments are supported by a vastly growing global-based network of experienced strategy and alliance partners. The Kinaxis Knowledge Network is an online community of like-minded professionals where members share knowledge concerning the ongoing challenges and futures of planning along with obtaining information and insights relative to the use of the company’s various Kinaxis RapidResponse software capabilities.

As a continuing part of our 2019 sponsorship arrangement, Supply Chain Matters will continue to feature market education focused on future capabilities in concurrent and more responsive planning capabilities among multi-industry settings. That will further include  a series of thought leadership research  advisories on the changing landscapes of supply and demand network response planning, and in considerations of planning capabilities in the current era of high business uncertainty and supply chain complexity across multiple industry sectors.

Join me in welcoming Kinaxis as our continued Sustaining sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog in 2019.

For further information regarding Kinaxis, its technology, partner and customer support capabilities, readers can either click on the image logo appearing above or included in our Supply Chain Matters Sustaining sponsors panel.

Bob Ferrari, Founder, and Executive Editor