It is a sincere pleasure to announce to Supply Chain Matters readers that Kinaxis will be a continuing sponsor of this blog during 2010.

Kinaxis is a rather web-savvy supply chain technology provider and was the first to sign-on as a sponsor of this site.  They recognized early on that educational and insightful blogs would play an increasing role in how supply chain professionals share thought leadership and gather insights.  Throughout 2009, our collaboration and partnership has led to innovative means to deliver these insights, including the highly successful 21st Century Supply Chain Expert Blog Series, where I was invited to join other bloggers, industry luminaries and analysts in exchanging views on a variety of strategic supply chain topics.  Through our ongoing relationship, I have also had the opportunity to be invited to contribute to the Industry Week Monthly Manufacturing Business Challenge series, which is also sponsored by Kinaxis.

Kinaxis continues to grow its broad industry presence and customer base, including customer names such as Cannondale, Cisco, Genzyme, Honeywell, Jabil, Toshiba and others. The Kinaxis RapidResponse technology that is available today is much more than a supply chain planning system, incorporating many features for scenario-based analysis and sales and operations business process support.  The technology is available to serve both large and mid-market supply chain process needs.  Current RapidResponse implementations can accommodate users in the thousands, integrating key information from large numbers of ERP systems. 

We are also pleased to announce that in 2010, unique Supply Chain Matters commentary will also be featured in the new and improved Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community web site. Readers can also look forward to my attendance and live commentary from an upcoming Kinaxis sponsored customer event.

I am very pleased to have Kinaxis as an ongoing sponsor.  If your organization has needs for extended visibility and response capabilities that can be implemented in a very timely manner, I recommend you place Kinaxis on your short list.

Bob Ferrari