We are pleased to be able to share with our global-based Supply Chain Matters readership audience that Kinaxis will once again be designated a Sustained sponsor of this blog in 2020.

Kinaxis was one of the very first sponsors of this blog upon our founding in 2008, and we look forward to a continuing collaboration in our market-leading and highly recognized  thought leadership insights relationship during the coming year.

With origins that date back to 1984, and with its founding in 1995, Kinaxis and its flagship RapidResponse® Cloud-based technology platform with integrated supply chain planning, visibility and response management capabilities have been adopted by industry-leading companies across multiple industry verticals. Deployments support varying supply chain planning and response needs among noted Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Consumer Products, High-Tech and Electronics, Industrial, and Life Sciences, among other industry environments. Kinaxis Supply Chain Planning Software

The Kinaxis Rapid Response® platform has been truly purpose-developed for concurrent planning process support needs leveraging patented in-memory data management technology and now machine-learning technology in what Kinaxis terms as support for self-healing supply chain concepts.

One of the key strengths of the platform is in the ability to perform multiple iterations of scenario-based planning capabilities pegged to certain business metrics, and that capability has been proven timely in the current ever changing and uncertain global supply chain environment that exists right now.

At the annual customer conference held in the Fall of 2019, Kinaxis announced that the company’s RapidResponse technology platform will be extended to partners for use as a custom development platform for building supplemental supply chain or enterprise planning process support applications. That would likely include extensions of custom algorithms related to broader industry or enterprise planning needs.

From our industry analyst lens, we viewed this announcement as the first supply chain Cloud planning platform to open up the company’s RapidResponse interconnected applications and existing proprietary algorithms for designated partners to extend to broader industry planning and response needs, beyond supply chain management.

What continues to differentiate Kinaxis in the market has consistently been passionate and enthusiastic customers and a dedicated employee base with deep planning domain knowledge. Deployments are supported by a vastly growing global-based network of experienced strategy and alliance partners.

The Kinaxis Knowledge Network is an online community of like-minded professionals where members share knowledge concerning the ongoing challenges and futures of planning along with obtaining information and insights relative to the use of the company’s various Kinaxis RapidResponse software capabilities.

The company itself continues in demonstrating successful revenue and financial performance. Reported full year 2019 results included a:

  • 27 percent year-over-year increase in Total Revenues, reported to be in excess of $191 million in 2019.
  • 22 percent increase in SaaS subscription-based revenue growth, reported to be in excess of $118 million.
  • 62 percent increase in profitability, reported as in excess of $23 million.

Kinaxis further announced in 2019 plans to move to expanded headquarters facility close to its existing offices.


Our 2020 Collaboration

As a part of our 2020 sponsorship arrangement, Supply Chain Matters will continue to feature market education and thought leadership focused on future capabilities in concurrent and more responsive planning capabilities among multi-industry settings.

Our year 2020 collaboration with Kinaxis will include a specific focus on very timely topics:

  • Responding to and managing change related to disruptive events such as COVID-19.
  • The needs for accelerated digital transformation and driving industry supply chain leadership.
  • Insuring business sustainability.
  • Driving industry supply chain leadership among specific industries.

Addressing these topics will include a series of thought leadership Research Advisories, as well as blog commentaries published on this and other platforms.

We can also inform our readers that the Supply Chain Matters blog will very soon be launching a podcast broadcast capability as part of our published content. Among the content featured for this medium will include conversations with both Kinaxis thought leaders and respective customers on the above topics.


Join me in welcoming Kinaxis as our continued Sustaining sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog in 2020.

For further information regarding Kinaxis and its technology capabilities, click on the logo included in our Sustaining sponsor panel or access the company’s web site.


Bob Ferrari, Founder, and Executive Editor


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