Last week, consumer goods manufacturer Kimberly-Clark made an organizational announcement, one that we wanted to highlight for our Supply Chain Matters readers.

The manufacturer named Gustavo Ghory, with 35 years of industry experience including a long tenure with Procter & Gamble,  as Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO), effective July 1 of this year.

The announcement has significance from a number of dimensions. Kimberly-Clark

First, Ghory  will report directly to the company’s Chairman and CEO, Mike Hsu, becoming a member of the company’s senior executive leadership team.

According to the announcement, his responsibilities will include leadership for procurement, manufacturing, transportation, process improvement, sustainability and regulatory processes, overseeing a wide functional perspective. That likely implies supply chain as much more than a cost center and rather a support or influencer of business strategy.

Kimberly has had its share of supply chain related challenges including the ongoing COVID-19 industry disruption caused by panic buying of essential staples such as toilet paper and stay at home essentials. That challenge involves repurposing of production lines dedicated to commercial targeted markets to that of consumer.

In its most recent quarter, total organic sales rose 11 percent, while overall volume levels increased 8 percent. The consumer goods company sells its products among 175 countries.

A further significance is Ghory’s background.

Born in Venezuela, and currently residing in Geneva, his leadership experience spans roles across different geographies that include Europe, India, Africa and the Middle East, along with broad global leadership of manufacturing. Ghory’s deep background in manufacturing process and operations could be rather beneficial in navigating supply needs during the current economic downturn impacting most global regions. Since 2017, Ghory has served as Co-founder and Chairman of SmarterChains, a Cloud technology platform focused on leveraging Industry 4.0 additive manufacturing capabilities to create smarter, and more sustainably focused facilities. He thus provides a Cloud based and additive manufacturing technology perspective.

We profile the above because typically, some supply chain leaders in the industry feature either backgrounds in procurement, logistics and transportation or line-of-business product management.  Increasingly, global, process and technology depth are playing a more important factor in CSCO roles among consumer goods companies.


Bob Ferrari

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