This author has penned another in my series of guest postings on the 21st Century Supply Chain blog, hosted by supply chain planning and response management technology provider Kinaxis.

Kinexions 2015, the annual Kinaxis training and user conference, featured some fascinating speakers that delivered timely messages and themes for the supply chain management community regarding important competencies. As we enter 2016, such messages will take on a special meaning, and in this guest contribution, I touched upon some of the key takeaways that stood out for this author and how they relate to our 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains.

To view this commentary, click on:  Kinexions 2015 Key Themes and How They Relate to the Coming Year.  The themes on innovation, supply chain change, skills development and integrated business planning will indeed manifest themselves in the coming year.

Bob Ferrari

Disclosure: Kinaxis is one of other sponsors of the Supply Chain Matters blog.