It may be the dog days of summer but we remain quite active.  We invite Supply Chain Matters readersto join me in an August 13th webinar, sponsored by Steelwedge Software titled: Your S&OP Analytics: Crystal Ball or Ball and Chain?

In this webinar, I will address the evolution of S&OP and how predictive analytics will play an important part for enabling future decision-making needs in this process. S&OP needs to move toward better prediction of events and business outcomes while converging forces in business strategy, supply chain strategy and information technology are aligning toward helping businesses to leverage predictive analytics tools within S&OP.

Do your S&OP team, process and technologies give you a holistic, predictive look at your business potential, like a Crystal Ball to get in front of demand shifts, new product prospects and supply cost factors? Or are you stuck in an articulated, but sequential monthly S&OP process that weighs down decision-making within the confines of the schedule and a rigid software system, like a ball and chain?

I’ll have some interesting insights to share with you.

You can register for this complimentary webinar at this web link.

Bob Ferrari