Perhaps your company or organization is currently attempting to deal with the challenges of addressing an overall supply chain risk management plan.  You may also be seeking an opportunity to understand how other organizations or how of your peer professionals are addressing supply chain risk management.

At the upcoming Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 2009 Annual Conference in Chicago, which is supply chain’s premier event, I will be facilitating the session in the Ask the Expert Track, Successfully Dealing with Supply Chain Risk. This session will be held on Monday September 21, from 1:45pm to 3;15pm in Room W-186a .  My goal for this session is to have an overall discussion for managing and planning for uncertainties and supply chain risk. I will share how industry leaders are identifying and addressing these areas, how quickly risk events can escalate, and what steps can be taken to address a risk management plan.  If you are planning on attending this year’s conference, please sign-up for this session since space will be limited to insure an interactive discussion.  Please let me know if you do sign-up so I can insure that I have some content material pertinent to your industry.  You can email me at bferrari at blog1 dot com.

I’m also planning on taking the opportunity for meeting and catching-up with friends, colleagues, and industry professionals at the conference, so if you are planning on attending, do let me know, or seek me out.

 Bob Ferrari