During our recent attendance at the JDA Software’s 2015 Focus customer event, Supply Chain Matters highlighted some important shifts in the company’s cloud based development strategies.  This supply chain planning technology provider recently formed JDA Labs, an R&D group tasked with delivering more innovative products. Included in Focus customer and industry analyst communications was an announcement of a new strategic partnership that has significant implications.

This week, the company formally announced its new collaboration with Google, and specifically the Google Cloud Platform. Like other software providers JDA had cloud platform choices to consider, and the eventual entry of the Google Cloud Platform into the supply chain and B2B business network technology arena is a noteworthy and watershed development.

Google Cloud is by our lens, a late entrant into this arena, and thus has the opportunity to play out as an industry disruptor. Readers should pay close attention to the quote provided by Google executive Dan Powers. The statement that the supply chain and Omni-channel industry is ripe for innovation in public cloud attests to a future direction.

Today in an event being held in New York, JDA executives will be featured speakers at a Google Next event. Expect more joint presentations and joint strategy in the coming months. This is an area to watch, and we make that statement objectively, despite the fact that we have a business relationship with JDA.

As we noted in our previous Focus related observations, JDA finally has the opportunity to take true advantage of cloud-based technology deployment, the same application that can run in either behind the firewall, private or public cloud-based platforms. With the depth of its planning, customer fulfillment and supply chain execution based applications footprint, we could well foresee a new identity to JDA, and one more related to B2B end-to-end, cloud-based, multi-tiered applications provider.

Bob Ferrari

Disclosure: JDA Software is one of other current sponsors of the Supply Chain Matters blog.