I am pleased to announce that Alexander Hamilton Financial Technologies has asked me to conduct a two day training workshop on the critical topic of Global Supply Chain Risk Management. This workshop will be conducted on two different dates, January 26-27, 2009 in Saddle Brook New Jersey, and February 18-19 in Schaumberg Illinois. I designed this workshop to appeal to a broader audience, especially functional managers who may reside in Finance, Product Management, Marketing, or others who are concerned about their company’s exposure to supply chain risk management.  There will also be appropriate content for supply chain professionals including Procurement, Planning, and Operations professionals.  You can view all of the course details and registration information at the following link.

A manufacturing, retail or service supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and exposure to global supply chain risks can become the weakness that brings an organization to its knees. These risks are increasing as a result of the growing length of supply chains that aim to meet customer demand stretching from developed markets to newly emerging markets. The increased occurrences of natural disasters, operational glitches, uncertain safety standards, economic factors and security issues have added to these risks. A lack of consistent regulatory and supplier controls has led to customer illness and injury, product recalls in sensitive product categories such as food, drug, toys and others, and has created risks to the credibility and efficacy of global supply chains. If you click on the topic of supply chain risk mangement under the Categories section to the right, you will find over 40 entries where I have commented  on risk events, and thier implications to businesses.

I realize that in these very challenging times, attendance at workshops may be very difficult to justify, but this is such an important topic that we decided to move forward in scheduling.  A supply chain disruption has the potential to have severe consequences to the bottom line, or even the brand.  We purposely selected cities with high concentration of interested companies and where attendees can more cost efficiently travel to the workshop by automobile.  If there is added interest, we can also extend the scheduling to other dates in 2009. Please join me on either of these dates for a lively and valuable session that will benefit you and your company.

Bob Ferrari